If you are looking for a new career, changing locations, just out of school, or need an update, we can help you with your résumé needs. We keep abreast of the new trends, as well as the industry standards, for every type of job on the market today. Our services include:

Writing - Don't have a clue what to include? Don't worry. We have a "question-friendly" form you can fill in, and our staff writer will take your information and create your résumé. Even if you've just graduated and have no job experience, it's certain we can get your résumé started the right way.

Updating - Whether you have your résumé on disk or CD, on paper or on a napkin, we can put it in a job-search format, and store it on the computer medium of your choice. As your information changes, it's a simple matter for us to update any and all information as requested.

Internet Submissions - In this day and age of the Internet job search, we can not only put your résumé in the appropriate format, with the appropriate words key to your profession, but we have the ability to submit your résumé to job search mediums that will get you noticed.


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